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    When Vintage Teacup Directors, Lawrence and Kirsty, got engaged in 2010 it wasn’t really a question of whether or not they would have vintage china at their wedding but more a case of how big a van they would need to hire to get it all there.

    “Lawrence and I met looking after Clementine and Jezebel,” begins Kirsty. “They are the vintage truck and fire engine that belong to the students of our University. We started collecting china after my graduation as we didn’t have space for collecting car parts. Everything in our house has some sort of historical connection. We transported so many of the items that we love to the venue to create a feeling of home. It was important to be surrounded by so many of the items we have collected as they represent our different interests and many family members who are no longer with us.”

    “Because of the vehicle connection we wanted to recreate the feeling of a vintage rally. We love visiting steam fairs, our favourite being the Isle of Wight Steam Fair at Havenstreet every Summer, so we decided to try to recreate that festival atmosphere in West London. It was at this point that Lawrence came up with one of the best ideas for our wedding and he was tasked with finding an original steam driven gallopers for the afternoon reception.”