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    We’re just heading into Wedding Season now with the sunshine staying around a little bit longer and our tea cups, suitcases and props flying off all over the county to celebrate wedding days in the coming summer sunshine. But Spring is Wedding Fair time and we wanted to give you a quick round up of our first outing this year to the Yaxley Wedding Fair at the Royal British Legion in Yaxley, near Peterbrough.

    The Yaxley Wedding Fair changed dates this year and we were concerned as it clashed with two other major wedding fairs in the area. However, there were still plenty of couples through the door and some even popped in after they had been to the larger fairs as they spotted the signs on their way home!

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    Lyndsey operates a single genre policy: there will only be one florist, one photographer and one of everything else at her fair. This is a common occurence at the smaller regional fairs and, of course, it benefits me hugely on the day. However, in general I don’t like the policy at all.

    However, we heard one gentleman complimenting the organiser, Lyndsey, on such a well balanced fair. He said he had spoken to more people across a greater spectrum of suppliers in five minutes at Yaxley than he had in two hours at the bigger fair.

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    I’d like to think that a bride would come to us out of choice rather than becuase she had no other options and I think, especially for things like photography and floristry, you need choice in order to be able to find out exactly what you are looking for on your big day! A single genre policy also means that for many other established fairs I cannot get my foot in the door. As they already have a supplier in my category – I can’t book a table. This has happened to me several times this year so Yaxley ended up being the only fair we have attended.

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    However, the gentleman who gave Lyndsey the wonderful compliment has flagged up a different side of the coin for me. He preferred Lyndsey’s fair to the bigger one in Peterborough as she had the range of suppliers he was looking for. Becuase Lyndsey only allowed one person in eah category she was able to showcase dresses, cakes, favours, hair, makeup, flowers, DJs, Letter Lights, cars and vintage china. She could easily have had a room full of cakes and nothing else. A one-genre policy allowed a much greater variety of suppliers to come together. And this seemed to be what the customers wanted.

    It was possible to create an entire wedding day based just upon the people you’d met at that one fair. You wouldn’t have the choice but you would save yourself an awful lot of time! Which do you think is better?

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